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The third series of Gold Rush are back on Discovery

News Helpline | June, 06 2013

After two years of equipment breakdowns, infighting and battling Mother Nature, the ‘Gold Rush’ crew finally strikes it rich. It took two years to get here, but in this incredible season, four competing gold mining crews have made it to the big league. The all new episodes of Gold Rush return with for a third incredible series on Discovery Channel every night at 10 PM starting today.

Till now six men had risked everything to make it big by mining for gold in the wilds of Alaska. Todd Hoffman of Sandy, Oregon, USA, along with his father led a group of greenhorn miners in search of the American dream and a new frontier. Eighteen-year-old Parker Schnabel had to prove to his grandfather, John Schnabel, that he’s got what it takes to be a real Alaskan gold miner. After finding just 35 ounces of gold last year, worth about $56,000 in the last season, Parker hires a new crew, mines new land and rebuilds his aging wash plant from the ground up. And it paid off. In one week Parker gets more gold out of Big Nugget than all of last season. But can he keep up the momentum and turn a profit for the mine – and his grandfather? 

In the new episodes, across the creek from Parker, is the Porcupine Creek mine, run by ‘Dakota Fred’ Hurt and his son Dustin. And their plans are just as big. They pulled in 80.4 ounces of gold last year, worth about $128,000, but that just whet their appetite. The weather turned just as they hit bedrock at the bottom of the glory hole – a spot thought to contain millions of dollars worth of gold. With a female miner joining the Dakota Boys, they excavate a 90-foot crater and deal with the effects of the worst winter in 50 years to get to the gold. 

In their quest to find 1,000 ounces of gold, more than ten times the amount they found last season, the Hoffmans double down with two claims, two wash plants, twice the crew and twice the equipment. And at his insistence, Dave Turin leads the second mine, forcing the Hoffman crew to pick sides. Half of the original crew chooses to mine with Dave and the strategy pays off. Between the two mines they break all previous gold counts – but the pressure to get to 1,000 ounces drives a wedge between the crews and it’s a battle between Team Todd and Team Turin for who can produce the most gold. 

This time round the four crews are graduating to the big leagues. Parker Schnabel, Dakota Fred and the Hoffmans are all in it for a massive haul this season. And most excitingly one of the crews truly strikes it rich – but which one will it be? 

Join the miners and company as they must ward off bears, build homes for their families, and keep the operation running all the while taking the fate into their own hands with a make or break venture that will change their lives forever.

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