Thu, 26 May, 2022
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Lal Bhatia Was Falsely Convicted, Court Documents Reveals

Ravi Sharma | October, 23 2020

To Stifle Lal Bhatia’s efforts of exposing large scale criminality, facts were fabricated, and he was framed to protect individuals, including a number of senior officials within the United States Government, reveals Court Documents.

The documents also reveal that corrupt Government Officials within the United States Department of Justice accepted bribes to falsely charges, convict and incarcerate Lal Bhatia.

“I am deeply disappointed that the United States Department of Justice continues to protect corrupt government officials even after court documents reveal. On numerous occasions, identified, specified and detailed, dates Mon Wig's millions were laundered; amounts, methods used, bank account numbers, conduits used by Mon Wig to launder the millions. Why are they continuing to protect Wig and others for over a decade?" says Lal Bhatia.

Author Lal Bhatia, in his critically acclaimed book, Indicting Goliath, relying on court documents, conclusively establishes, that for favors and bribes, USA Department of Justices’ prosecutor Stephen G. Corrigan; Federal Bureau of Investigation, Special Agent Janet Berry and others fabricated facts to falsely charge, falsely convict and falsely incarcerated him to conceal Seattle based Mon Wig, Managing Member, Wig Properties LLC's crimes.

States Attorney Stephen G. Corrigan, FBI Special Agent Janet Berry, and others engineered and fabricated facts to falsely indict, convict and incarcerate Bhatia, in order to conceal and protect Mon Wig's crimes, including Wig’s bulk cash currency that was transferred and deposited in safe-deposit boxes at Bank of Credit and Commerce Limited, in London, England (BCCI); and transported in armored vehicles or flown from Mexico into the United States, through Wachovia Bank.

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