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The 120 Media Collective announces the launch of ‘Sniper’.

Harsha Masand | April, 08 2015

The 120 Media Collective has announced the launch of ‘Sniper’. The new entity is aimed at integrating the group’s TVC production abilities (Bang Bang Films) with its digital content production offerings to meet modern day content requirements of brands. Sniper will produce TV commercials as well as long, short and mid-form content and also see it through to amplification across social platforms and paid digital media, where applicable.

A press statement from the company informed that the tagline ‘Lean. Agile. Amplified.’ highlights the unique offering that Sniper brings to the market. “Lean” as the evolved needs of brands and publishers demands a lean, efficient and cost-effective approach to production; “Agile” indicates that by bringing together the best of Bang Bang Films with elements of the digital production model, Sniper has the agility to produce both content and commercials, deliverables with a budget range from Rs 30,000 to Rs 3 crore (and beyond); and “Amplified” refers to the amplification capabilities.

Commenting on the launch, Roopak Saluja, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, The 120 Media Collective, said, “We believe staunchly that content is king, but also that distribution is god. Video has become par for the course for brands, advertisers, media and publishers alike. The TV commercial as we’ve known it is no longer the only show in town, and with new platforms mushrooming and the evolution of consumption habits, we’re seeing the emergence of a range of video types – long, short and mid-form. With multiple pieces of content produced by a brand in a year, the shelf life of each piece of content goes down and consequently the willingness, ability and propensity to spend on each of them decreases.”

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