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Mumbai to host ‘The Healing Festival’ by The Spiritual Company‏

Siddharth Dhongle | February, 11 2015

To rejoice Health and Wellness, Mumbai to host ‘The Healing Festival’ by The Spiritual Company 

Festival to include range of activities with Natural Healing

Techniques which are pain free, drug free and equipment free.

Also Introduces the EFT technique

Dancercise, Yoga, Free Reiki sessions on Child Development and Healthy Diet

A two day event on Feb, 21 and 22 in Mumbai with free entry


Do you feel stressed in this urban environment? Are you losing control over your health and work-life balance? Is your kid suffering from emotional disharmony? To address to this, The Spiritual Company with a rich experience in natural healing techniques will host its first‘Healing Festival’ in Mumbai where people can join in to enjoy and relax an array of wellness and healing services like Reiki, Yoga and workshops on dance, food and nutrition. The two day festival will include sessions on child management and welfare while introducing the new and widely recognized concept of EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques. The daylong event will be held on February 21 and 22 from 8am to 7.30pm in Dadar (W). 

The Healing Festival will be a two day event with range of activities from natural self healing techniques to workshops on healthy diet and child management. Day one of the event will include sessions on Suryanamaskar, understanding Child Behavior, Introduction to Reflexology and EFT, Reiki, Dancercise with Bhangra and talk on Food & Nutrition. While day two will see ‘Chakra Balancing’ with Yoga, Five Finger Relaxation Technique, Reiki, Zumba and Pranayam for Healthy Living. 

The Spiritual Company also introduces EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques, a new discovery in the field of Energy Psychology which is often referred to as ‘Psychological acupressure’. The natural technique works by releasing blockages that creates emotional intensity and discomfort in the energy system. These blockages often lead to limiting beliefs and an inability to live life harmoniously, resulting in symptoms like lack of confidence and self esteem, feeling anxious and depressed or the emergence of compulsive and addictive behaviors. 

Mr. Prasad Karmarkar, Founder of The Spiritual Company & Reiki Grandmaster comments, “The unique Healing Fest will aim at providing natural remedies for the misbalance in one’s emotions due to the situational circumstances they are in. Most of the techniques at The Healing Festival can be learnt and practiced at home by any individual and all the workshops in the fest will focus majorly at recharging the mind, body and spirit.”

The Healing Festival by the Spiritual Company invites anyone and everyone who wishes to experience and enjoy the power of natural healing at the entry-free Fest. One can attend either /or all the sessions. So bring in your family and friends and benefit from the wide ranging activities by experts from the field and set yourself free from all the emotional disorders.

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