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News Helpline | April, 27 2012

Tezz Cast & Crew:


United 7 Entertainment Ltd.

Release Date

27 Apr 2012




Ratan Jain



Star Cast

Anil Kapoor,
Ajay Devgn,
Kangna Ranaut,
Boman Irani,
Zayed Khan,
Sameera Reddy and
Mallika Sherawat.

Executive Producer




Media Relations

Ravi Padda and Binni Padda

Publicity Designs




Music Director

Sajid Wajid






Thiru S. Appun






Robin Bhatt




Music Company




Jalees Sherwani and Shabbir Ahmed

Production Designers

Movie Review

Rating :

Verdict : Those who enjoy a well-made action films must watch it!

Tezz is a synonymous  to Speed and in fact the film is also somewhat synonymous to the 1994 Keanu Reeves starrer Speed. The film has somewhat similar plot.  A team of Asians place a bomb on a high-speed train. The authorities receive an anonymous threat that a triggered bomb has been planted on a bullet train operating between London and Glasgow. If the train decelerates or loses speed below a certain tempo, it will be destroyed along with its many passengers, unless a ransom is paid. The police want to stop the bombs from exploding, while the railway authorities want to save the lives of the passengers and they soon find themselves in a disagreement under the frantic pace set by these dramatic circumstances.

Infact all these types of movies i.e. Speed, 1 2 3 Monster express (Thai Film) and Tezz, are inspired from a same Japanese movie known as SHIKANSEN DAIBAKUHA [1975] which is also known as Bullet Train. Tezz is very much inspired by the original film but it is very much Indianized in terms of Masala and Message.

TEZZ is a good looking thriller filmed with expertise. Loaded with an ingenious premise, thrilling moments and action, Priyadarshan has curved it into a tremendously well-executed motion picture. The films sole objective is to keep moving at a feverish pace, keeping the spectator completely immersed and entertained with the on-screen occurrences. Sure, there are some unwanted moments, but the pacing is so mind blowing  and the cinematography so good  that its easy to overlook the few unreasonable moments.

Action choreographers Gareth Milne and Peter Pedrero, who previously worked on several international films, pool resources with Priyadarshan for high-quality action on screen. They do a remarkable job. Tirrus cinematography deserves special mention. This mustve been an intricate film to shoot, but the outcome is at par with any international film. The car stunts, the chase sequences and of course, the sequences in a moving train are filmed with precision. Sajid-Wajids musical score is satisfactory. The Mallika Sherawat track at the very outset sets the ball rolling, while the romantic track of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan between Ajay and Kangna is smartly interwoven in the narrative.

No Need to mention about actors as all of them, Anil Kapoor, Mohan Lal, Ajay Devgan, Kangana, Smaeera and Zayed khan were very comfortable and at ease  with their characters.

An Action-Thriller like this coming from Priyadarshan is a big surprise. Till now we all know him to give good comedy and light films. But he proved that he is good at other genres also.

As a whole the film is good but still audience is not finding it very interesting.

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