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Teri Meri Kahani

News Helpline | June, 22 2012

Teri Meri Kahani Cast & Crew:


Kunal Kohli Productions and Eros International Media Ltd.

Release Date

22 Jun 2012




Kunal Kohli


Kunal Kohli

Star Cast

Shahid Kapoor,
Priyanka Chopra and
Neha Sharma.

Executive Producer




Media Relations


Publicity Designs




Music Director

Pritam Chakraborty
















Music Company




Prasoon Joshi

Production Designers

Movie Review

Rating :

Verdict : Teri Meri Kahaani Somewhat Romantic!!!

Love and Romance feel never changes in life. Style of expression has changed but the feel is the same. Claiming himself to be a diehard fan of Yash Chopra Kunal Kohli tries his luck over love stories across three Eras’. Entering at a rocket speed with giving a romantic hit HUM TUM and later a classic love story Fanaah. He carved his own Niche through his films. But, a love story in three different eras is quite disappointing as it lowers the standards of Kunal Kohli films.

The two hours takes you to a tour through three eras, three connecting love stories over three different places across the globe.

 1910 Sargoda Lahore, Javed Quadri ( Shahid Kapoor) a crook,  good-for-nothing lad of the pre-Independence India who sleeps around with every girl he sets his eyes on beautiful village girl Aradhana (Priyanka)


1960 Bombay: a struggling musician Govind who falls for a known Bollywood actress Rukhsar (played by Priyanka Chopra)

2012 England: once again portrays a love story where Krishna /krish gets rid of his screwed up relationship and realizes that he loves Radha.

Well do these three really connect to each other? That is what you got to watch in the film.

Kunal Kohli has always been good with love quotient. He has perfectly placed the characters in the film Javed is completely a playboy, Govind portrays a perfect Lover and Krish is adorable in perfect roadside Romeo types. Priyanka is pretty cute too in all her characters. Aradhana is a perfect village girl, while playing Rukhsar she brings out the love- fear quotient and Radha is absolutely bubbly, open and confused about love pretty similar to a real life youngster of 2012 era. The film went round the stories and eras but the switches from one generation love story to the other could have been cleaner.  At certain level watching the film the interest level goes hey - wa- ya.

The best parts that grasp interest are the lovely shayari’s. Each shayari is pretty romantic and you’re sure to fall in love with them. The flavors could have been more enhanced but to its epic failure it turned as we expected.

Shahid and Priyanka gave a clean switch of their characters from time to time. Both looked absolutely cute together. Their on screen chemistry is as good as off screen. Every romantic scene shot with them looked real and that’s what people walking out of the theaters claimed. talking about other stars Prachi Desai is sparkling in a cameo. Neha Sharma is decent. Vrajesh Hirjee does well. Surendra Pal is okay. 

The sound track ‘Mukhtasar’ is catchy and lively track composed by Wajid.  Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is music to hear’s always hence, Allah Jane becomes the pick of the lot. Sonu and Sunidhi’s ‘Uff’ is retro mix that’s almost a dance track. Humse pyaar karle tu is ok ok types. That’s All I Really Wanna Do by Shaan and Shreya stands as the best one. It is soothing to hear. On an average the soundtrack is definitely goanna work for the film.  

My verdict

The stories sound heard before. Actually it’s traced from a Taiwanese film Three Times. Well there is nothing much in the film rather than the film romance parts, Shahid and Priyanka’s chemistry and the sound tracks. Something that will actually tune in audience to hit the theater is Shahid Priyanka’s chemistry. While watching the story that revolves around the 1960 era traces similarities from DDLJ and OM SHANTI OM. At a certain level you feel you’re watching a blend of OM SHANTI OM and MAST together in the same story. 100 times repeated fact, 100 times repeated same love story is what you feel about it. As I said it not a Kunal Kohli standard. Story part and frames fall week which is very disappointing. On comparison to its release with Gangs Of Wasseypur, maximum people  are tuning in for Wasseypur. The only difference is that if you wish to watch a film this weekend with your family you can opt for ‘Teri Meri Kahaani’.

Whereas per me the story stands on an average so I rate it 2 and a half stars.      

After enjoying a great success of Kaminey Shahid and Priyanka is back. They have planned to take you to romantic world with Kunal Kohlis Teri Meri Kahani. Unlike kaminey how much will this pair will be true to audience expectation time and audience will decide. Well that s the later part we are just waiting to see the chemistry between the two. 

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