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News Helpline | July, 05 2013

Policegiri Cast & Crew:


Star Entertainment Pvt Ltd

Release Date

05 Jul 2013




T P Aggarwal, Rahul Aggarwal


K. S. Ravikumar

Star Cast

Sanjay Dutt,
Prachi Desai,
Prakash Raj,
Om Puri,
Manoj Joshi,
Rajpal Yadav,
Rajat Rawail,
Ehsaan Khan,
Mukesh Tiwari,
Raju Mavani,
Ganesh Acharya,
Arun Bali,
Murli Sharma,
Kavitta Verma.

Executive Producer

Manoj Chaturvedi


Ganesh Acharya

Media Relations

Publicity Designs



Music Director

Himesh Reshammiya ,Anjjan - Meet Bros




Anjjan - Meet Bros,
Shabab Sabri,
Aman Trikha,
Yashraj Kapil,
Palak Muchhal,
Vineet Singh,
Pawani Pandey,
Rajdeep Chatterjee,




Kanal Kannan




Music Company


Navin Shetty, Mehek Navin Shetty


Shabbir Ahmed, Aslam Lashkariya

Production Designers

Movie Review

Rating :

Verdict : Policegiri seems to require some more polishing but it is a decent treat for Sanjay dutt's fans who have missed him in action since a long time



Rudra (Sanjay Dutt) is a rough and disciplined Deputy Commissioner of Police of a small town called Amalapur in Hyderabad. This roughtneck cop hates crime and leaves no stone unturned to weed out the local mafia which is spreading corruption and crime in the city.  Fascinated by this tough cop, Sehar (Prachi Desai), who is the girl next door, falls in love with Rudra and marries him. Nagori Subramaniyam (Prakash Raj) is an underworld don who is the propagator of crime in the city

Script Analysis:-

Using the most common fodder of action films, this one is another masalathon. In such films, it is the charisma of its lead man that weighs heavy. Sanjay Dutt plays the rustic cop with great delight. But the problem is the treatment, which is very raw and since the audience have already got used to polished packaging of action, Policegiri is loud, shabby and doesn’t entertain with a thumping quality.

Looking for freshness, this one disappointed me! The charisma of the maverick cop falls out for the lazy screenplay and the script itself seems half baked. There are endless tributes to Rajnikanth’s genre of action style which gets annoying after a point. An unsettling clone of  a vast body of similar work in Bollywood, Policegiri is complete in terms of script but fails in terms of execution!

Star Performances:-

Sanjay Dutt delivers Rudra with ground breaking thrill. For him alone, Policegiri shines and his screen power camouflages the details wonderfully.

Prachi Desai is an apt eye candy and is smooth in her stint.

Prakash Raj is a mere caricature of his Southern version as the eye bulging villain but doesn’t manage to command much power or fear! He indeed is capable of much better and roles like these doesn’t qualify apt for him.

Technical Aspects:-

Using the vintage formula, the director K. S. Ravikumar fails to enthuse much finesse into his film. An all-in-all entertainer that it tries to be ends up being incorrigible and bizarre at places. Sadly the punches of the film are mostly dull and remain unmemorable. I won’t call it boring because it undeniably amuses you frequently but entertainment wise the film falls short.

In the unsubtle demeanor, the film’s unconvincing climax stays flat mostly! It is not atrocious just mediocre and that’s the problem. The music is tacky and the screenplay is uninteresting!

Policegiri is a Bollywood action comedy film. The film marks the debut of director K.S. Ravikumar and is produced by T. P. Aggarwal and Rahul Aggarwal.The film features Sanjay Dutt,Prachi Desai and Prakash Raj as Nagori Subramaniyam in lead roles.The film was released on 5 July 2013. The film is a remake of the 2003 Tamil film Saamy, directed by Hari.




Rudra (Sanjay Dutt) is a tough and charismatic Deputy Commissioner of police of a small town called Amalapur in Hyderabad.
His mission statement is to, clean up the city of the scum of the earth and make sure that the public live in peace undisturbed.
Seeing his macho looks, brave heart and honest nature, Sehar (Prachi Desai) an unconventional beauty falls in love with him.
But off the record, Rudra adapts a new policy of adjusting with the local goons so that he can serve the people in an effective way.
Nagori Subramaniyam (Prakash Raj), is an underworld don(Kingmaker) who has the total control of Southern states, both in politics as well as Rowdyism.

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