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News Helpline | January, 10 2018

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Release Date

13 Apr 2018


Drama Love Story


Shoojit Sircar


Shoojit Sircar

Star Cast

Varun Dhawan ...
Banita Sandhu ...

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Movie Review

Rating :

Verdict : It is slow but a meaningful cinema

The Shoojit Sircar directorial brings us a surprise in form of Varun Dhawan. The film starts with the regular hardships of the hotel interns and Dan (Varun) who are struggling with shifts at ungodly hours and as different unconventional departments like housekeeping and laundry. In turn of events, Dan who is always irritated and likes to keep to himself is taken aback by another's intern's accident. He asks her last sentence was "Where is Dan?" should mean something.

Varun takes you on a ride of emotions but just sad, depressing or the ones that make you think, but he makes you laugh, a lot. Varun hasn't taken a risk by portraying this role, because its no risk when he has performed so well. Most of the film follows the Dan through hospital visits, talking to random people, passing time and trying to make sense of Shiuli (Banita Sandhu) last sentence. It might seem like a little far-fetched that a guy goes out of his way to find out what is special about Shiuli asking about him in her last moment without another reason supporting his claims. But to his goofy, innocent character it makes sense and that is enough for the audience. 

It might seem like Banita hasn't done much in the film, but she has managed to express without expressing as a paralyzed and coma patient. Which as commendable as Varun's change of image in this film. 
The film is predictable but makes us want to root for all three characters- Dan, Shiuli and Shiuli's mother and even the supporting characters. The film's cinematography and color tone supports the idea and feel of the film, it is not a happy love story or a love story. But what Shoojit had been saying in the tagline by the end makes sense, the story is about love, no matter which kind.
It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but one should not miss this emotional ride with Varun Dhawan.

Verdict: For Masses: It is slow but a meaningful cinema 
              For Crazies: It is a must watch to experience change in the meaning of the happy ending. 
***** stars

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