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News Helpline | June, 29 2012

Maximum Cast & Crew:


Vainteya Films

Release Date

29 Jun 2012






Kabeer Kaushik

Star Cast

Sonu Sood,
Naseeruddin Shah,
Neha Dhupia,
Vinay Pathak,
Aarya Babbar,
Swanand Kirkire,
Anjana Sukhani,
Amit Sadh,
Mohan Agashe,
Rajendra Gupta,
Ujjwal Chopra,
Hazel Keech.

Executive Producer


Media Relations

Beena Ahuja (Qmedia Promotions)

Publicity Designs



Music Director

Amjad Nadeem,Devi Shri Prasad




Shafqat Amanat Ali,
Tochi Raina,
Ritu Pathak,
Nadeem Khan,
Tulsi Kumar,
Bandini Sharma,
Raga Boys,
Wali Hamid Ali,


Krishna Ramanan


Lionel Fernandes


Tinu Verma


Kabeer Kaushik



Music Company



Shabbir Ahmed,Raqeeb Alam,Nasir Ali Nasir

Production Designers

Movie Review

Rating :

Verdict : Its ok !

It’s a rare suitable title given to a movie. ‘Maximum’ is the best fit that focuses on two different angles one the system exceeding its “Maximum” limit on corruption and second need for “Maximum” Power to eradicate the corrupt system.  Corruption, Thriller, Crime has always been an all time favorite genre to make movies on. Because, these genres are topic which could be given different angles and they are unstoppable.  Director Kabeer Kaushik has come up with similar concept too. There is a minute difference he went a little backward featuring the history of 2003, a war between Police and Underworld. The film is set in the Bombay (and not Mumbai) of the past and the story portrays encapsulates politics, land deals, and fake encounters. But, to ones expectation, the film fails to deliver the MAXIMUM as the title promises.


Kabeer Kaushik who last directed Comic Thriller Hum Tum Aur Ghost has tried his luck with Action/ Crime Thriller “Maximum”. He picked up his story line from real life issue. It’s a story back in 2003, where the local police had declared a war against the underworld.  “Maximum” revolves around Two brave officers Pratap Pandit (Sonu Sood) and Arun Inaamdar (Naseeruddin Shah). The two brave officers have been given a mission to root out crime problems. When the mission begins it seems light but as they get deeper into it they realize the crime connections are not local and its goanna be a tough time to fight out the war. Two cops, one journey and a struggle for maximum power. That’s not it they are not the only part of the game the opposition is quite strong. Will the two cops make it to their mission is the rest part of the story.



Two well refined actors Sonu Sood and Naseeruddin Shah are always a treat to watch. Naseeruddin Shah generally plays role in action thrillers so there is no doubt he knows his part well. He brings up the character live to the audience. He knows his job and no one can bang on it. Sonu is quite stiff and stuck to his character. Performance wise he is believable and pretty much into his character. Neha is hardly in the film. It’s a sad part that Neha did not have much exposure and much to do in the film. The location wide spread across Mumbai hence, hardly a few mumbaikars will enjoy the location flavor. Wasn’t a complete action packed?  So on that not we can say note worth saying entertained.


The music is given by Amjad-Nadeem and the lyrics are penned by Shabbir Ahmed. The only catchy number was Hazel’s Item Number ‘Aa ante Amalapuram. The song fails on audible lyrics as public could not understand the lyrics of the song. What could keep you live is song beats and Hazel’s sexy moves.


My verdict.

 The film is based on two Mumbai encounter cops, who are locked in a bitter and eventually self-defeating turf war. But, to ones surprise there isnt much dramatic conflict between the duos. Whats more disappointing is that the film at times leaves you clueless as in whats actually going on. Maximum turns out to be a Maximum torture level. The film certainly doesnt make any sense and fails to deliver the MAXIMUM. So this weekend box office is really thriving hard to earn. As per movie this weekend you have no treat!  

Its a story of 2 Police Officers and their struggle for power and maximum power. But they are not alone in this game, there are other players.  Taking the dream through layers of emotions and betrayals to an unpredictable climax.

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